11:04 am  UPDATE NO 1

Tortola Airport is now open.  We are working to restore the flights as soon as possible.  Communications are limited and little or no internet access available.  We are working to assist Tortola staff to complete flight check in.




AUGUST 8th, 2017 0930am.  interCaribbean Airways wishes to advise that Tortola Airport was closed on evening of August 7th with JY511 of August 7th being canceled.  As of this writing at 0930am, the airport remains closed.  Due to weather and storms the airport is closed to all commercial traffic.  We are advised of power and communications loss.   We expect to hear from the airport at 10:00am for a status update.

Customers on flights JY511 of August 7th rescheduled for August 8th as JY513 may change to a later date or time as convenient.  Flights JY508/Jy 509 of August 8th are currently affected by the closure.  depending on the time the airport opens, additional flights scheduled for today maybe impacted.  We will update as additional information on the opening becomes available.

Customers traveling on these flights wishing to reschedule may do so at no cost.

thank you for your patience